Automatic voice communication will help doctors at work

Voice assistants using advanced data processing algorithms are a dynamically developing technology. Will similar solutions being elaborated in Poland find wide application in the healthcare sector?

The virtual assistant is already able to assist doctors in keeping records, and voice-controlled devices will perform surgeon's orders in the operating room, limiting direct contact with devices in an environment that requires sterility. Voice technologies supported by artificial intelligence algorithms are considered perspective for optimizing patient contact with health care units.

Soma speech - a virtual assistant of the doctor

One of the solutions of the Polish company Soma Healthcare is the virtual assistant of the doctor Soma Speech, currently being in the testing phase. This is an expanded speech recognition tool which serves to create medical records. User can dictate entire sentences or just key information. On their basis, the system adds text fragments from predefined commands. The result is a ready and full description created on the basis of a few or several commands spoken by a doctor. Voice commands can be created by your own or used on an extensive database, and the system recognizes medical terminology with high effectiveness. Another advantage of the program is mobility - because it works from a web browser, there is no necessity to install it on any device, all you need is internet access. Project details:

Magic Speech Scribe - voice control

Voice Document Creation System Magic Speech Scribe is a child of the Polish company Radcomp. The program's task is to support the creation of notes, descriptions, transcripts of recordings, "live" subtitles for video materials. Magic Speech Scribe recognizes industry vocabulary, allows to preserve the specialized formatting of specified phrases, relates the recording with the recognized text and places it in one file. It provides the possibility to dictate speech and convert it to text for external forms and programs, and save in any format. The system can also recognize inclusions or even entire phrases from English and Latin.

Virtual assistant - help for the patient, benefit for the doctor

Voice assistants or medical interfaces using voice recognition technologies provide more and more possibilities. To international projects belong: for example MedWhat (virtual medical assistant answering patients' questions), Orbita (assistant helping the patient follow doctor's recommendations), Ada (personal health companion). Kogifi, an ambitious startup wishing to create an expanded virtual assistant, is noteworthy on the Polish market. One of its useful functions may be searching for medical information and establishing remote contact with a specialist. Such solutions have a chance to relieve doctors in cases where the patient's direct contact with the doctor is not necessary.

Health care services providers need new solutions that will improve hospitals operations, relieve staff and improve contact with patient. Technologies that allow to improve these processes through the use of voice assistants are finding wide use in the healthcare sector.

Jerzy A. Kozłowski for Innomedbook

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